A track is a collection of flats, tracks are name in their setup notecard, commands for  specific track are prefixed with the track name. The track is the overall root prim.

Flats are named by setting their name in the description field of the flat. The name of the overall track (the collection of flats) is set in setup notecard for the track. The track prim is also the root prim.

Flats are named numerically, when facing the front the flats to the left of centre are negative numbers, the flats to the right of centre are positive numbers.  If there are an odd number of flats then the centre flat is number 0 (zero).  If there are an even number of flats then there is no centre flat. Lower numbered flats are towards the centre, higher numbers flats are towards the edge. If a flat name has an explicit + or a – sign then either the left or right hand flat of that name is selected, if no sign is used then left an right hand flats are selected in matching pairs.

Flats are selected  by adding their name to the start of the flat command, for example:

myTrack 1:2`;-3 turn 45;
which will turn flats -1, +1, -2, +2 and -3 45 degrees.

Some commands are not related to any flats, these look like:

myTrack build;

Commands which are flat related command specify the flat or the flats the commands are destined for at the start of the command,

The centre most flats have a name/number of (-1, 1) the next outermost are numbered (-2, 2) and so on.



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