Lights can use one or more emitters in addition to the light itself. An emitter is an extra prime which can be moved along the line joining the light to its target giving  zoom behaviour to the light.  If the light is zoomed out then the light has a wider coverage than if its zoomed in.  Typical emitters included in a light stack are:

  • WIDE – give wide angle illumination with  soft focus edge
  • ULTRA – gives very wide angle illumination, the maximum possible
  • SPOT –  a generic soft edged spot
  • HARD – a heard edge follow spot effect
  • SOFT – a soft edged follow spot effect
  • LEGACY – a legacy point light emitter
  • GOBO – one or more gobos which can be selected to project images
  • BEAM – beams count as emitters although they emit no light, currently there exists only one beam style though its always been intended to have more

Extra emitters can be added to the stacks as required.

Emitters are selected with the use command:

<name> use <emitter list>;

where nav is the usual colon separated list of lights and group names, and emitter list is a colon separated list of emitters.  The order of emits in the emitter list isn’t important, the light chassis will check and will only change the emitter selection on a light if absolutely necessary, it is safe therefore to issue use commands just to ensure you have the right emitter combination safe in th knowledge that if you have no action will be performed – it takes time to change n emitter and the light use be turned off while its done, this is automatic though not always welcome.

For example:

myLight:myOtherLight use WIDE:BEAM:on;zoom 80;
will ensure that the emitters for myLight and myOtherLight  re wide and beam, changing them if necessary, then they will turn on and the will both zoom to their 80% positions