Manual positioning

Lights can be positioned manually (not with a follow) by any of the following mechanisms:

  • manual pointing using the p command, for example p <x,y,z>, x y and z are coordinates relative to the current lighting centre (stage centre) where x is front/back relative to this, y is left/right n z is up/down
  • by targeting at transponder using the track command, for example track MYTARGET; which will point the selected lights either at a predefined target or at a transponder object with the appropriate name or at any object with a transponder script inside it.
  • by publishing a target to the light (s) and tracking it. Targets can be published at any time, for example publish MYTARGET:<x,y,z>, the syntax is critical, the name of the target must be in upper case and there most be no space between the target name and the : and the target values.

It is possible to precede the publish command with either abs or rel, abs is the default. Abs will rate the x y z part of the target as absolute region coordinates, real will treat them as coordinates relative to the current lighting centre, this means that lighting setups can be made away from the main stages. For example,

/5* rel;publish Z:<0,0,0>;

will define a target called Z at the lighting centre, this can be activated just by using

/5* track Z;