The light scripts understand where the stage is, its orientation and its size.  Pointing the lights is totally dependent on the stage being correctly set.  One set however, whatever its orientation the lights can try from left to right, front to back and up and down.  the stage centre / top of stage position has coordinate 0,0,0

Also if the stage is correctly set the lights can be set to turn themselves off and on as their target position enters or live the stage area.

myLights auto on 3;
for example where the 3 in the example is the auto  on off time

Conversely auto off disables auto mode.

The stage see, location and orientation can be set manually using the home, size and orientation commands or it can be set using the lighting setter prim, which also makes proper definitions available for the standard stage position, UpStageCentre, DownStageCentre, etc