New light commands

Some new commands have been added:


Hold will delay the start of a command sequence by a specified number of seconds, for example hold 0.3 would delay the start by 300mS (to the accuracy set by the system)

Push and Pop

Push will store the state of the light on a stack, Pop will restore a previously pushed state.  So now you can have a light set appropriately for a task, run another sequence and then restore the light to it’s original state.

Auto Super

Auto super is an addition to the existing auto mode.  Auto will automatically disable and enable a light as the target moves into and out of a predefined area.

In addition super will enable or disable a light dependent on the light having an active track target.

Auto now can have these forms:

auto on <switch time>
auto super <switch time>
auto off

Where switch time is the time taken to transition between the enabled and  disabled states.

See Commands