The “Bell” contains the pendulum script. Commands are terminated by a semi colon “;” and multiple commands can be set on a single line:

for example: length 10;start;

Accepted commands for this are:


This will start the bell swinging, conversely, stop will gradually bring a swinging bell to a stop.  The range of the swing is set by setting the swing parameter, this is the angle of swing set in degrees. The default angle is PI / 10 radians or around 18 degrees.

for example:  start;


This will gradually stop a swinging bell and bring it to rest,  conversely, start will make a stopped bell gradually swing.

for example:  stop;


Length sets the length of the bell, shorter lengths swing faster than longer lengths. the length is set in meters.

for example: length 10;

will set the length of the bell and chain to 10 meters


Swing will set the maximum angle of the swing in degrees.

for example: swing 45;

will make the bell swing 45 degrees to each side.  This command can be used when a bell is swinging, if a different angle is set then the bell will gradually move to the new maximum angle.


Allow will specifically add user and object keys to the list of keys from which the bell will accept commands.

for example: allow e355fa81-f82f-4281-974c-7a944c7b13a8;

will make the bell accept commands from the avatar or object which has the specified key.


Commands are automatically accepted from other objects or users in the same group as the bell or who have the same owner.  In addition specific keys can be added to the list of accepted user or objects, see allow.

Adjusting the bell

The bell chain can be extended or reduced by de-linking one or more links and duplicating or deleting them as required.  Ensure that the new links are re linked into the bell link set such that the invisible root prim remains the root. if new link are inserted, after relinking, edit the new links individually and set their physics behaviour to None, this will reduce the land impact significantly.

Command channel

The command channel is set in the description field of the root prim. If the channel is changed then reset the scripts in the root prim to persist the change. The default channel is 900.


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