Door script and doors

The door script opens or closes a “door” by rotating the door prim through 90°. the basic commands accepted are:



Open will open a closed door.  if a time is specified the open will be performed in that time, if no time is specified, or a time less than 0.2 seconds then the door will open as fast as it can. For example:

/900open 2;

Will open the door set to channel 900 in two seconds


Close will close an opened door,  for example:

/900close 5;

Will close the door set to channel 900 and do it in 5 seconds.


Allow will allow commands form a specific object or avatar to operate the door, for example:

/900allow e355fa81-f82f-4281-974c-7a944c7b13a8;

will allow the avatar with key e355fa81-f82f-4281-974c-7a944c7b13a8 to operate the door set the channel 900, irrespective of any other security checks. Setting a key of NULL will remove all key data and force users to be revalidate.


Slice will set the granularity of the open/close move, normally this can be left set to its default value


Without further settings the door will obey commands from, anyone in the same group as the door, or anyone who owns the door.  Once the script has seen you then it isn’t necessary to be wearing the correct tag for further operaiton.


The script is entirely set up by the contents of the door prim description field. The format of this fields is:

<channel>:<LEFT | RIGHT>:<opening sound>:<lock sound>:<volume>


<channel> is the channel number to listen on for commands

<LEFT | RIGHT> is a value to indicate if the door should open to the left or the right. One must be included!

<opening sound>, <lock sound> are the names of sounds in the door prim, opening is triggered while the door is opening or losing, lock is triggered once at the end of the open / close move.  if one or more sounds aren’t needed then set the respective name to NONE

<volume> is the volume sounds are played at

For example:


Set the door to be left handed, to accept commands on channel 900 and to play no sounds



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