Snapshot_051Glower script and linkset

The script and prim set combination generate the appearance of a prim which can vary from dark to one generating light and glow effect.

The command channel is set in the root prime description field, after changing reset the object to use the new channel.  As supplied the channel is set to 900



Align the prim and secondary prim so they have coincident centres, so the contained prim is contained by the root prim, copy the root prime basic object parameters to the secondary prim.  This means shape edits only need to be done to the root prim. For example:



Set the time period for the transition from dark to light or light to dark, for example:

/900period 10


Make the prim set glow, if the object is already in the lighted state then the command is ignored, for example:



Make the prim set go dark, if the object is already in the dark state the command is ignored, for example



Add textures to the root prim as you please, then set the same textures on the same faces on the secondary prim.  In addition in the secondary prim feature tab, set the advanced light texture to be the same or similar texture – you may have to click the light check box to turn the light on to do this, ensure that the check box is untucked when you finish.  Its easier to edit the prim set so the root and secondary prims are separated while editing, Use the align command o put them back together.