rez object location face extension height;

Will rez an object as a specific position


  • object is the name of the object to be razzed, this object must have been previously placed into the rezzer.
  • location is the objects razzing location, this subsequently will be the location the object returns to when and align command is issued
  • face is the primary direction the object faces when razzed, this is either A or B
  • extension is the natural height the object will reuse to when the elevation height is set to extend

for example:

rez myObject p1 a 1 1;

will rez object “myObject” at position p1 facing in the A direction with a height and extension of 1m


Align causes an immediate and direct return for all pallets (or one pallet if the pallet name is specified) to their initial positions.

align pallet;

where pallet is the name of a specific pallet to align

for example

align myPallet


The drum maintains a list of all active pallets, if the drum controller is restarted then initially it has no knowledge of existing pallets, issuing a ping command will clear the current pallet list, if any, and then transmit a ping command to all active pallets. A new pallet list is then built


for example:



Dump will display a list of active pallets together with their location.  You must be wearing a headset to see the result of this command


for example:




The drum controller preloads all its commands when the commands are entered. A do command is required to force commands to execute. multiple preloads can be entered before a do is entered, also commands can be entered while the drum is in motion.


Engage will move pallets between the park areas (p1, p2 etc) into the drum ready for use. Pallets are shifted as necessary to make space

engage pallet facing;


  • pallet is the name of the pallet to engage or any selector in the sub stage, p1, p2, etc
  • facing is the direction to engage in, this is either A or B.

for example:

engage yellow B;
engage p1;

Note that empty selectors may be engaged, this is one way of just moving pallets around in the sub stage – should this ever be necessary


Load will load a show or reload the drum settings.

load settings;
load my show;


  • my show is the name of a show notecard

for example:

load show 1;


Play will play a preset from the currently loaded show.

play my preset;

for example:

play preset 1;


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